Unique Online Business

Choosing a unique online business to start is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT for a beginner unless he/she is well prepared to compete with thousands of experienced online entrepreneurs in a saturated field. So we need to answer a question that comes up alot…Is there such thing as a “unique online business”? Unless you’re an inventor of a whole new market or you’re one of the first few to enter into a brand new market then the answer is NO! I understand that this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but the reality is that any new online business idea you discover will have thousands of people who are already doing it.

So how will you find that unique online business if it doesn’t exist? The answer to this is very simple; turn the current online business model that you chose into its own unique thing. Let’s assume that you decided to sell products online; choose products to sell in niches that are not competitive and present these products to your customers using NEW strategies and creative arketing techniques.

Starting a unique online business is also accomplished by selecting a business model that you have a set of unique skills for which makes you provide the services in ways that no one else can. For example, you have an outstanding communication/presentation skills and so you can use that use to become a YouTube influencer by uploading Youtube videos and present your ideas and promote your business products and services. Everyone has one or more unique skills so I highly recommend you evaluate yourself and discover these skills if you haven’t yet.

One of the biggest factors to turning your businesses into unique online business is to specialize in a specific target market. Every industry is huge and so it would be a dumb move to sell everything (unless you’re a Wal-Mart). You have to LASER target a specific group of audience instead of selling to every single customer/business that comes your way. For example, let’s say that you will provide writing services to small businesses. You may think that this is very targeted but actually it’s not. This is till very broad and so you should provide writing services for certain groups of small businesses such as advertising agencies ONLY. Later on, you will discover that this one key strategy will turn you from just the average online entrepreneur to a SPECIALIST or an EXPERT in your field.

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