Learn SEO Basics

No one is expected to master SEO because it’s actually a whole separate field by itself and requires a lot of time. The reason why I dedicated a page to SEO is because it’s a good idea to learn SEO basics and how it effects your online presence.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful strategy to get free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Google has the #1 ranking on the World Wide Web (Highest number of traffic) and so if your website isn’t indexed and found on Google then you’re missing out on thousands of customers every month. So how does SEO work? Anyone that does SEO has a goal of getting ranked on the first page of a search engine (to be found easily by people) but it’s actually difficult to achieve. It may require a beginner to get some assistance from an SEO expert but you should atleast learn SEO basics so you can implement it in your website content writing.

When you’re writing the pages/posts on your website, you need to use certain keywords in the title/content that are relative to your topic but also have some search volume (100 to 10,000 searches per month). Technically, you should concentrate on using ONE keyword per page or post. A good place to search keywords is the Google Keyword Planner. Create a free account with Google AdWords and you’ll be able to access the keyword planner in the tools tab. Since this strategy is extremely competitive, it’s recommended that you use long tail keywords (4 to 5 words phrase). GET SEO HELP HERE >>>

After completing your web design and content writing, you should work on indexing your pages on all major search engines. I recommend that you index them in Google and Bing as they are two biggest Search Engines in North America. Create a Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools accounts to verify your new website. Afterwards, you should submit an XML Sitemap link of your website to each account so they can index your pages.

As I mentioned above, it’s good to learn SEO basics which will get your website in the search engines but most likely will not get you ranked on the first couple of search pages unless you’re really lucky. To achieve a good ranking, you need to get websites with high authority on the web to point back to your pages (Backlinks). Another strategy is to create a number of blogs and make them all point to your page (Private Blog Networks). There are also tons of other strategies that SEO experts use to get websites ranked really fast but some of these methods are considered unethical (Black Hat) which will get you in trouble with Google. The best thing I would recommend an SEO beginner is to get backlinks done for you at a very affordable prices and save your self the hassle. GET YOUR BACKLINKS HERE >>>