How to Market an Online Business

When starting a small or online business, your main priority should be on generating TARGETED leads and sales at the lowest cost possible. In order to achieve that, you MUST learn how tto market an online business effectively so you can create a POWERFUL Marketing System (Online Marketing Automation) and APPEALING Online Message (Copywriting).

Almost all new entrepreneurs to the online marketing world don’t understand the difference between marketing and advertising which is a problem because it may lead to a HUGE financial loss when promoting a business. Advertising is only a way to generate traffic to your offers using various free and paid methods but marketing is your ENTIRE business model: 1)The way you present your brand/products/services and want to be viewed by the audience, and 2) The strategies you use to attract QUALIFIED customers and clients. Anyone can create a simple website that offers a product and send online traffic to it using various advertising methods but the BIG question is, will this offer generate sales? This is where marketing comes in. There are 4 major questions that will determine if you’ve implemented a good online marketing strategy or not:

1. Do you have an appealing and convincing copy? You must create an attractive message that grabs the attention of visitors to your websites, landing pages, videos, etc. It’s a proven fact that powerful copywriting techniques can double or triple your opt in rates and sales. GET YOUR FREE COPYWRITING REPORT HERE >>>

2. Who’s your target audience? Your copy (content and advertisements) must be written in a way that the right customers can relate to. Not all people think or react the same way so don’t expect for ONE message to attract all.

3. Do you have a marketing system in place? You need to create a marketing funnel and auto-responder to capture the visitors’ contact details (email, phone #, address, etc.) and follow-up with them. You’ll be missing out on a high volume of sales if you don’t use this strategy. Most online customers don’t buy the first time so it’s important to keep in touch with them and continuously promote your offers. GET STARTED WITH THE BEST MARKETING/SALES FUNNEL BUILDER FOR FREE >>>

4. Do you have a way of tracking the results? If you don’t track the traffic you’re generating from advertisements then you’ll never know what’s working and what’s not. No one can ever tell you that a certain copy, ad, page, or even an offer is sellable or not unless they see the stats. This is the only way to discover the correct strategies so you can repeat it over and over again and continue to successfully generate sales.

Learning how to market an online business and implementing that knowledge (proven marketing strategy & system) in your business is an ESSENTIAL STEP before proceeding to advertising. This will guarantee you good results and a high return on investment for every dollar your spend on advertising. GET STARTED ON ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE >>>