Advertise Your Business Online

Once you have created your first website and implemented a marketing strategy that works with your business model THEN you can proceed to advertise your business online. Online advertising is usually a bumpy ride for beginners but I will try to make it real smooth for YOU. Are you ready to advertise your business online?

Advertise your Business Online with PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is considered one of the most effective ways to advertise your business online and the best part about is that you’ll get instant results (sales, sign ups, brand awareness, etc). There are many types of PPC advertising like social media ads, website/blog display ads, native ads, paid search, etc. I will concentrate on paid search engine advertising because it’s the most widely used and I personally recommend to advertise your business online.

If you go to and do a search, you’ll see a couple of ads listed as results; this is what we call paid search advertising. If you decide to do paid search, you will be using Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword tool to find keywords relative to your offer and you’ll be competing with other advertisers by bids for each keyword. The more targeted keywords you use and the higher bids you have, the better results you’ll get. This type of PPC advertising is a bit costly since you’re competing with many advertisers unless you’re promoting offers in a unique non-competitive niche. The cost usually depends on the keywords you select, the ad copy you write, and the landing pages of your offers.

Even though Google AdWords is the most popular Ad network, I recommend beginners to start off with other networks like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini. The reason why I am recommending them is because they are an actual competitor of Google AdWords and will produce similar results. Also, they’re not as expensive as Google which will be a good opportunity for a beginner since they won’t be taking a lot of risk while testing your offers.

Advertise your business online using Free Social Media

Unless you have a budget to hire a social media manager, it’s very difficult to manage all accounts created for your online business (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.). When you’re just starting out, I suggest that you concentrate on one or two social media accounts and ignore the rest. YES I know that you’re going to miss out on some valuable traffic but this strategy will give you the competitive edge since you’re going to invest more time and effort in the ones you choose.
Every social media account has its own unique way so make sure to choose the ones that are most suitable method for YOUR online business.

I always find Youtube videos and Facebook Pages/Groups powerful and they tend to work with all different niches and types of businesses. You can easily create a simple video using your smart phone and upload it on Youtube; you’ll be surprised by how much free targeted traffic you’ll receive from a single video. To make your Youtube efforts worthwhile, I suggest that you tag keywords related to your video when you upload a video so it becomes easy for users to find your videos. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to find good targeted keywords to add to the video title and tags. Another great social media strategy is to join many Facebook groups within your niche and create valuable posts/comments every once in a while. If you create a facebook business page and share posts with other groups from your own page then this will multiply your page and post views. To make this strategy even more effective, try to include a link that takes the readers who are interested to a capture page that asks for their contact information (names, emails, phone #, etc). This will get you free leads who you can contact in the future by sending them newsletters and promotional offers.


Online Advertising Methods to AVOID!

I have been using paid online advertising for many years and so I just want to warn you about a couple of well known methods. You will run into many popular online traffic websites that claim they will send a high volume of targeted traffic to your website. All of these traffic sources are PURE BS! All they do is send you computer/server generated bots (NON-HUMAN traffic). One of the reasons why some people use them is to get their websites ranked higher on Alexa or to show that their website or social media pages have followers. The other advertising method to avoid is Solo Ads. Solo ads is a type of advertising that uses email marketing where the provider sends your link to a number of subscribers on his/her list. Let me be clear with you, not all solo ad providers are bad but there is a higher chance for beginners to run into Solo Ad scams. Also, I have used Solo Ads a lot and was able to generate leads and sales using this method BUT I still have doubts in the type of traffic they send. I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that 50% of the traffic they send is fake or unresponsive. All I’m saying is why take the risk when you can use many great and reliable traffic sources instead. Now I know a lot of online marketers will disagree with me since it’s a very popular advertising method (for make money online, health and fitness, and entertainment niches) but this is my own personal opinion so take it or leave it. The final one I want to warn you about is the vendors who guarantee you sign ups. People will ACTUALLY sign up to your email lists and short/long complicated forms but that’s pretty much it…don’t expect them to do anything else!